Christ at the Center

Loving our Enemies: Meeting the Chalennge

February 20, 2022

Hearing the challenging teaching of the Lord may tempt some Christians to conclude that they do not have the capacity to live according to it. However, the Lord Jesus would never command us to do something and not enable us to do it. Jesus knows about the human condition. During his ministry on earth, he engaged in conflict with religious and secular leaders. People lied about what He said so they could bring up charges against Him. One Apostle betrayed Him. Other Apostles and disciples abandoned Him when He took up His cross. The Chief Apostle denied knowing Jesus at one point. As He was being crucified, Jesus asked the Father to forgive. As He suffered on the cross, He was ridiculed. The Lord Jesus bore the wounds of rejection but overcame them in His Resurrection. It is the Lord who enables us not to become prisoners of past and present hurts. As recipients of God’s kindness and mercy, we must reflect God’s kindness and mercy toward others. What are the practical ways of loving our enemies? Due to this sensitive subject, Father Harris repeat several points.

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